17 Feb

Chips Ahoy mexican-style.  ‘Nuf said…



Sölen Biscolata Starz

3 Jan


A simple but sweet cookie treat.  A nice way to start the new year!

Think butter cookie with a more subtle flavor…with a star-shaped depression stamped into the center.  Fill with a bit of milk cream and top with milk chocolate and there you go.

These would pair well with some warm milk or hot chocolate.

Brothers from Another Mother… Lotus Biscoff & LU Cinnamon Sugar Spice

18 May


More  to come, but I was surprised to find that  my favorite cookie of all time, Biscoff, had a doppleganger in ‘Cinnamon Sugar Spice’

Another sweet surprise about Biscoff will follow as well 🙂

Toggi ‘Fine European Chocolate Wafers’

18 May


True to it’s name, this really is a high quality chocolate bar.  Delicious!

Motherload of Original Formula Sodas

10 Apr

From left to right, El Salvadorean Coke & Fanta, Nicaraguan Pepsi, Peruvian Inca Cola, and Mexican Sprite & Coke.  Wow…all in one secret place!


Also on far left is Honduran Tropical Cola and at far right is El Salvadorean (but bottled in the USA) Kolashanpan.

Happy Hippo Cocoa Cream Biscuits

12 Apr


😀  I don’t know what kind of sound a hippopotamus makes, but I feel like calling out to them after eating these “biscuits” of happiness!  Normally I don’t eat “food with faces,” but I’ll make an exception with this particular foodstuff!

Curiosity Cola

23 Mar

Curious?  Curiosity Cola


Karinto Shiromitsu (Wheat Cracker)

6 Feb


Like a sugar donut, but not…

Deep fried, crispy and sweet…finger-friendly and good to eat…

Ghirardelli Crisp

21 Jan


Just like other everyday candy bars, there is an upscale version.  In this case, the Crisp bar is a refined take on the Nestle Crunch theme.

Ghirardhelli achieves that with the packaging, but falls short on execution.  The milk chocolate used in the recipe is “Rich and creamy” as stated, but is rich in sugar and lacking in chocolate in my opinion.  Too sweet…both as you eat as well as the finish and the lingering aftertaste.

Bottom line?  Not worth the premium cost.

Dancing Dear Chocolate Chip Cookies

21 Jan


These are really more like shortbread cookies with chocolate chips, but, they are fun and convenient…”12 cookies in happy packs of 2.”

Since they don’t skimp on the semisweet chocolate chips, they’re worth a try!